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Why do people sell at auction?

If you're pondering the best way to sell your property, let's talk about auctions. Yes, the thrilling atmosphere where bids fly until the digital hammer falls – but it’s not just the excitement that draws people. Selling at auction has solid benefits, especially when it comes to the legality and security of the sale.

Legal and Binding: The Auction Advantage

When the auctioneer's digital hammer comes down, that's it. The deal is done. Unlike traditional estate agent sales, where about one third of agreed sales fall through, auction sales are legally binding the moment the hammer falls. This means the buyer is immediately committed to the purchase. No backtracking, no cold feet.

For sellers, this provides a significant layer of security. There’s no lingering doubt that the sale might collapse at the last hurdle. Instead, you have the peace of mind knowing that, once the hammer hits, your property is sold.

Why Consider Auction?

Besides the immediate contract exchange, auctions can be a faster, more straightforward selling process. If you’re looking for certainty and speed, going down the auction route might just be the strategy you need.

Secure Selling Starts Here

If the potential for sales to fall through has you worried, it might be time to consider the auction house. With its legally binding nature, an auction can offer a more secure and definite path to selling your property. It’s not just about the thrill of the bid but also about the peace of mind that comes once the hammer falls.

Thinking of selling your property at auction? It could be the secure solution you’ve been searching for.

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